Acoustic Blues from “Blues Unleashed”

Here is another great set from Griff Hamlin at “Blues Unleashed” on playing blues on an acoustic guitar. This is the first of a series. So check it out and enjoy. Hopefully you guys are getting something out of these posts I’m putting up on here. Again, I never had this kind of stuff coming up through the ranks. You’re lucky!  “Stay TUNED” ! J.S.


I have been working super hard the last few months
on some new Acoustic Blues lessons for you and finally
they are ready for prime time…

In this first lesson, we’ll cover the standard “blues in E”
pattern as it relates to acoustic blues, and also a variation
that’s not even covered in the original Blues Guitar
Unleashed series.

We’ll be building upon this lesson over the next few
videos, so please try and take some time in the next
couple of days to go over it so the next part makes

I think you’ll really dig where we’re going to end up
with this :)

PS – The new “bouncing ball” TAB is a totally new
thing I’ve recently figured out how to do. I hope
you like it and that it makes it easier to follow

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  1. I recently purchased Delta blues slide course. The dvds will stop and not play fully and have to restart all over. I would like them replaced.

    • Sounds like a mess. I assume you have taken all the normal actions to try and make them playable. I would contact the primary maker if available through internet. If you are looking for a good course I may be able to do a little research and help you there! :-)

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